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Bathtub Refinishing Prices

Why do prices vary so much from company to company?

Just like in any industry prices for certain products and services can range from really low to really high.

You need to make an informed decision based on how the process is completed and what types of materials are being used.

A Fly-By-Night company will arrive with a sponge in hand, wipe down the tub and then spray a product that was likely purchased over the counter from a local hardware store. It will look and feel awful and last just long enough for them to cash your check.

A reputable company like ourselves have working relationships with  independent distributors who sell only to certified companies.

Our technicians carefully prepare every surface to industry specs and use only the latest approved materials specifically formulated for the bathtub refinishing industry.

So when comparing prices, the lowest price may seem ideal at the time but as  the old saying goes…

You get what you pay for more often than not!

We offer very economical and competitive pricing and will help work within your budget to get the job done right.

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