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Cory Tatz removed rust from around the drain in our tub and resealed the area. It was an excellent job. They also repaired some porcelain scratches on other parts of the tub. 10/2/2014 D. Moran, San Diego

We are renovating our condo for rental and the enamel in the sink in our kitchen was really worn. We didn't really want to put in a new one, because the counter top was in really good condition, so I called a couple companies that do refinish work. Another company was less expensive, but they told me, we would need to remove the garbage disposal and faucet prior to doing the refinishing. When I talked to Cory Tatz, he said that he has been doing this for 30 years and I didn't need to remove anything as they would mask it all off. His cost was just $5 more than the other company and required less work on our end.
Cory told me that the job would take about an hour to do and then would need to cure for 2 days.
I made the appointment for Friday, and they were here right on time at 8:00 am finished by 9:05 am. The sink looked really good. On that Sunday I removed the masking off the faucet. The sink looks just like new and we didn't have to remove anything nor tear out tiling for a new sink.
Did a great job, protected all the area around the sink including the floor, cleaned up when complete. Very professional
5/20/2014 J Schmidt, Poway

Repaired a crack in the porcelain of a bathroom sink. Final result was invisible except for a very slight "orange peel" effect that most people would not notice. Sink was unusable for 48 hours to allow coating to cure, which was perfectly acceptable given the final results. 1/24/2014 P Jurkoic, Rental Owner

We called Corey to repair and restore an antique hand dryer for us and although he hadnt done work on such a unit, he was MORE than up for the challenge! Prompt, easy, clean and ..perfect in every way!!! 4/20/2012 B Gillian, Carlsbad

The glazer was prompt and professional. He didn't waste any time, he explained every step and did a very good job.
The only thing I realized later is that I hadn't asked if the chipped areas could be leveled with the sink surface before
the glazing. In certain light the old chipped areas show depressions in the overall surface.
I don't think anyone notices it unless I point it out. I would used them again. 2/20/2012 M Hopper, Encinitas

There was a hairline crack in the bottom of the shower. He drilled a hole by the crack and filled in with foam then he put a patch on the crack. It took about 2 hours for the job to be completed but when he was done it looked great.
Called to get an estimate ($125-185) and schedule a time for the work to be done. Called on a Friday and the work began and was finished on the following Monday. He arrived on time as scheduled. When the work was completed the final ok came from my wife. She said she didn't think it could turn out looking as good as it did. 2/1/1989 K. Reisig, La Mesa